Managing files and storing them locally can be hefty and may result in loss of files. We provide our users an option to upload their files in a files module so that they can upload their files on our system and this will also work as a files backup for most of our users. It works as a remote file storage system and helps its users to manage files remotely. The users can share these files with each other and download them

Key Features:

Password protection -  All the files can be password protected that stops an unauthorized access to the files.

Customize page -  customize your Download page and their color combinations as per your requirement

Share - Share links helps the user to share the links of the files through email. This feature allows the file sharing and make it more effective

Track Links - Track all your links total views, date wise, referral link wise, county wise, browser wise and device wise.

Custom link - Create your custom link as per your requirement

Download reports - Download reports in excel or pdf files

Enable or Disable link - if you don't want to show content to users, just disable it instead of deleting link


1. Is there any chance of data loss?

No, all the files are stored in the database and then displayed on the screen. So there is no chance of data loss. We also maintain backup.

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