Conversation is the key to any business. We are providing live chat service to communicate with your website visitors. Our chat feature also allows the users to add attachments to their messages to make their business conversations more effective.

Key features:

Send and receive messages - It allows the website visitors to send and receive messages to make a healthy and communicative environment

Add attachments  - Besides messages, visitors can send and receive attachments of files and pictures.

Customize Widget - customize your chat screens and their color combinations as per your requirement

Missed message -  The user will also be notified of the missed messages and they will can be shown in a different screen.

Central chat (My chat) -  This shows all the conversations in one screen

Widget code - Common code for Live chat and push notification service, you can simply enable and disable in setting section

Different icons - The icons change from device to device making it different.

Notification sound -  Every new message has a notification sound that tells the user that a new message was received.

Visitors information - This feature allows the system to maintain a complete history record of all the visitors.

Chat history -  All the previous chats and conversations are saved and they remain saved for keeping a complete record.

Departments -  It allows all the departments to communicate among themselves and within the department.

Unlimited chats -  There is no limit for number of chat

Transfer files -  The user can also send and receive files through this feature. Either using a link or by the attachments feature

Track Links - Track all your links total views, date wise, referral link wise, county wise, browser wise and device wise.

Custom link - Create your custom link as per your requirement

Download reports - Download reports in excel or pdf files

Enable or Disable link - if you don't want to show content to users, just disable it instead of deleting link


1. Why do we need chat module?

We need a chat module to provide a platform for all the clients and employees to interact with each other.

Managing Business Has Never Been So Easy.

Don't hesitate, Our experts will show you how our application can streamline the way your team works.