Surveys are no doubt a great way of getting feedback and answers to different questions. Our system also provides its users to create and view surveys to make their business understanding more effective.  The created surveys are given a unique link that can be forwarded to people to get answered. The answered surveys are stored in the backend and can be downloaded

Key Features:

Color customize - This allows to make his/her own color combination. You can choose different colors for answers and questions and button etc

Preview - This shows the survey to the user to preview it before publishing.

Questions type - Add different type of fields in forms - show welcome and exit screen, digital sign , Slider, date and time, terms and condition agree, address with contact ( we will add multiple fields ) mandatory or not, short text field,multiple choice, phone number, yes or no questions, email, opinion scale, rating, date of birth, drop down, upload file, debit card details, multiple images, website url

Pixels - Pixels are used for retargeting ads. It makes sure that the ads are visible to the user.

Collect payments - This feature enables the system to collect and receive payments.

Custom link - You can enter his/her own custom link that they want to be in the URL

Unlimited questions - You can create a survey with an infinite number of questions.

Unlimited surveys- You can create an infinite number of surveys.

Track Links - Track all your links total views, date wise, referral link wise, county wise, browser wise and device wise.

Custom link - Create your custom link as per your requirement

Download reports - Download reports in excel or pdf files

Enable or Disable link - if you don't want to show content to users, just disable it instead of deleting link


1. Where are the responses stored?

The responses are stored in the back end of the system. You can view it any time

2. Do business organizations require surveys?

Yes , business organizations tend to bring changes as per the requirements of their customers and employees. So in order to get a feedback, surveys prove to be very effective

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