URL shorteners are designed to make your link more trustworthy and outstanding. It surely boosts the business and make a very good impression on everyone. It also maximizes the control. We are providing with a great URL shortener module that allows them to not just shorten their URL but make it more appealing and impressive. Another use of URL shortener is to use pixels for making the ads more efficient. 

Key Features:

  • Pixels - Pixels are used for retargeting ads. It makes sure that the ads are visible to the user
  • Custom link -The user can enter his/her own custom link which they want  it to be in the URL
  • Analytics - This include searches and filter, protections and expiry features. The created links are shown here and can be made changes to them.
  • Search - This allows the user to apply filters based on date etc. and search.
  • Analytics - we will show detail analytics of each link you created


1. Why do we need URL shortener?

URL shortener makes our links more attractive and impressive.

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