Making bookings and reservations has always been a headache for many people. Nobody likes to go through the fatigue of making bookings manually so we have provided our users an integrated booking module so that they can make their bookings effectively... 

Key Features:

Collect Payment - Collect payments from PayPal, stripe, and Razorpay. We will add more soon
Notifications - Confirmation and reminder notifications are sent to the user upon a successful booking.
Group Booking -The system supports group booking, you can set limits on number of slots and number of seats for each slot, you can set your own slot time as well.
Booking Type -  Create a booking page for fixed date and time or repeat the same booking every day
Time and date - user can select the available dates and time for the booking.
Available highlights - The available slots and dates are highlighted for our users to make it easy for them to make new bookings.
Customize page - customize your Booking page and its color combinations as per your requirement
Double bookings - Never double-book with the same email for single service
Pixels - Pixels are used for retargeting ads. It makes sure that the ads are visible to the user.
Track Links - Track all your links total views, date wise, referral link wise, county wise, browser wise and device wise.
Custom link - Create your custom link as per your requirement
Download reports - Download reports in excel or pdf files
Enable or Disable link - if you don't want to show content to users, just disable it instead of deleting link

Managing Business Has Never Been So Easy.

Don't hesitate, Our experts will show you how our application can streamline the way your team works.