Push Notifications help the users to stay updated about the activities going on in website. So every time a user visits the website an icon is made visible to the user to enable notifications. Our system sends a notification to the subscribers browser updating about an activity. These notifications can be created and updated as per the need. Every time the user opens the browser, they will be notified

Key Features:

  • Browser support - Send push notifications to Chrome, FireFox, Opera Browser and Internet Explorer. Except Safari
  • Subscribers list - Manage all your subscribers at one place with all details
  • Customize Widget - customize your widget and their color combinations as per your requirement
  • Widget code - Paste your widget code on any website to get subscribers
  • All campaigns - Manage all campaigns at one place
  • All notifications - Manage all notifications at one place
  • Send push notifications - The user can send a push notification to a millions of subscribers in seconds 


1. Why do we need chat notifications?

We need notifications to keep ourselves posted with the ongoing and upcoming activities?

2. Are all browsers supported ?

No, only Safari is not supported with push notifications. It will be supported soon.

3. Are these notifications browser based?

Yes, these notifications will only be set visible when the user opens his/her browser.

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